Low-cost GPS tracking does not mean losing quality. Many of the largest fleets are turning to point solutions that take the key features of competitive systems and offer them easier-to-use and at a fraction of the price. SkyLab Solutions is on the forefront. What should a high-quality GPS tracking service cost?


GPS Tracking available from $15 per month from SkyLab Solutions!



SkyLab Solutions is reinventing traditional GPS Fleet Tracking with an app that is easier-to-set up, easier-to-train and easier-to-use. Designed to help service and trucking companies gain visibility into the operations of their fleet, SkyLab Solutions GPS Fleet Tracking is helping companies to save money, improve fleet performance and increase customer satisfaction.

Best New Product or Service of the Year – Transportation

2018 Bronze Stevie® Award Winner

Tech Startup of the Year- Software

2018 Bronze Stevie® Award Winner


Positive fleet management reviews come from providing great customer service. Below are recent reviews from SkyLab Solutions customers:

“We have been a customer for a few months now and the quality of the product, the price and most especially the customer service cannot be beat!”


Rob Hutchison, CFO

Quality Fruit & Vegetables

El Paso, TX

“I just opened the box and gave the hardware to the drivers and didn’t have to worry about scheduling or waiting on installs. It was really quick and easy, they just plugged in the devices and got on the road. It made our implementation so much easier and faster.”


Christa Braden, CEO

Chandler Transport Systems

Plano, TX

“SkyLab Solutions far exceeded our expectations in terms of customer service. Switching from our previous ELD & GPS provider was the best decision we could have made. Their product is easy to use, reliable and works great.”


Joe Ervin, Partner & VP
ACE Completions
Odessa, TX

“Our fleet began moving to SkyLab GPS tracking this year. The devices are super easy to install. Customer service is fantastic and we haven’t had any problems. This is very rare in our experience with other GPS providers. Great product and service, thank you SkyLab.”


Misty Long, Safety Director

Faith Global Transportation

Bertrand, MO

“We had a bad experience with our previous ELD and GPS provider. SkyLab offered a better price and a way better product in addition to outstanding customer service.”


Dennis Bonfield, General Manager

BMC Contracting

Mt Sterling, KY

SkyLab Solutions vs. Legacy Systems


SkyLab Solutions entered the market with an ambitious goal – make the easiest & most affordable fleet tracking solution, allowing service and trucking companies to operate as efficiently as possible, and succeed in a competitive marketplace. With an executive team with deep understanding of the marketplace and a combined 60 years of industry experience, we have created a solution that is easier-to-use, more accessible and less expensive than comparable products on the market. We believe we are the fastest growing GPS tracking solution and the feedback on the app is meeting our goal of setting a new highwater benchmark for NPS in the ELD & GPS market. Just some of our recent commentary:

  • “Great price, great product and class A support. These guys know what they’re doing”
  • “I don’t get calls from my drivers with questions or problems …, it just works”

The software is designed to help service and trucking companies gain visibility into the operations of their fleet, improve fleet performance, save money and increase customer satisfaction. Trip playback from start-up to shut-down allows businesses to see where their drivers spend their time. Easy-to-use reporting dashboards provide actionable insights, so owners & managers can quickly see what’s working and not working in their fleet.


The app can be used on any iOS or Android device, making it a simple plug-and-go solution. Being able to “bring your own device” saves companies money. They no longer have the vehicle downtime associated with scheduling installer visits to the fleet that occurred with the old-school hard-wired devices required by other solutions. Eliminating the common complaint of legacy solutions being hard-to-use, non-intuitive and requiring regular training, we’ve simplified the interaction to just a few button clicks, greatly improving driver satisfaction.


By applying an innovative approach and utilizing our extensive industry expertise, we’ve brought to market a product that is upending the traditional GPS Fleet Tracking market. We have created an app that is easier-to-set up, easier-to-train and easier-to-use than comparable products on the market, helping companies to save money, improve fleet performance and increase customer satisfaction in the process.

Fleet Features Comparison


  • Self-install GPS Tracking – just plug in our device into the engine diagnostics port and go.
  • ELD and GPS Apps work with any IOS or Android device.
  • Simplified UX improves driver and user satisfaction. No more frustration over complicated ELD or GPS solutions that require ongoing training
  • Vehicle trip playback from start-up to shut-down, allowing business owners to see where their drivers spend their time.
  • Driver safety scorecard reporting and alerts to enable driver behavior monitoring
  • Idle time reporting to help manage and reduce cost
  • Geofencing to provide visibility when vehicles go in or out of selected areas
  • Track vehicle maintenance using automated service reminders
  • Comprehensive set of alerts… speeding, harsh braking, overstay, idling, ignition on/off, low vehicle battery, GPS device tampering, vehicle service and more
  • Schedule your most import reports to run automatically and have them sent to email addresses of your choosing
  • Self-contained, battery powered, Asset GPS location and GPS tracking for trailers, heavy machinery and other types of valuable asset